Spring Hills (Kamiori, Onojo)



Property Name/Location: Spring Hills/Kamiori, Onojo
Floor Plan: 2DK
Rent/Common Service Fee: ¥53000/¥2000
Transportation Information: JR Onojo Station (Kagoshima Main Line) -- 7 minute walk
Nishitetsu Shimoori Station (Tenjin Omuta Line) -- 9 minute walk
Property Description: Conveniently located near an Aeon shopping center and multiple train stations, this property sits upon a hill. Therefore, even apartments on the first floor enjoy sun and breezes. This property also has dedicated motorcycle parking. Please ask us for further details regarding this property.
Type: Apartment
Construction: This is a three-story building of steel construction.
Year Built: 1991
Layout*: This unit has a combined dining room/kitchen that is 4.5 tatami in size. There are two other rooms, each 5.8 tatami in size. There is one bathroom. A balcony spans one side of the apartment with access from each of the two rooms.

* Tatami mats are a common form of measurement used when describing the size of a room in Japan. This does not mean that these rooms have tatami flooring unless specified in the description. Check out our guide elsewhere on this site for a better understanding of this system of measurement.

Size: 36m2
Faces: East

  • Fees
  • Rent: ¥53000
  • Common Service Fee: ¥2000
  • Parking: ¥6480
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Town Fee (¥500)
  • Deposit: ¥0
  • Key Money: ¥53000
  • Fire Insurance: ¥17000 (2 years)

Contract Length: 2 years
Renewal Fee: ¥0
Features: Propane gas heating, washer in unit, shoe closet, hard-wood flooring, fiber-optic Internet, bicycle/motorcycle parking (for a fee)
Other Information: There is no monthly fee for Internet access in this unit. There is a one-time setup fee of ¥16200 to activate it.

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