Rouet Maison Loire (Shirakibaru, Onojo)



Property Name/Location: Rouet Maison Loire, Shirakibaru, Onojo
Floor Plan: 1K
Rent/Common Service Fee: ¥30000/¥2500
Transportation Information: JR Onojo (Kagoshima Main Line) -- 4 minute walk
Nishitetsu Shirakibaru (Tenjin Omuta Line) -- 5 minute walk
Property Description: This property is perfect for students! It's all about the location. This property is located near two rail lines, multiple convenience stores, and the KASTEC campus. This apartment also comes equipped with free Internet access!
Type: Apartment
Construction: Reinforced concrete
Year Built: 1988
Layout*: This is a single-room dwelling with a living space the size of 6 tatami.

* Tatami mats are a common form of measurement used when describing the size of a room in Japan. This does not mean that these rooms have tatami flooring unless specified in the description. Check out our guide elsewhere on this site for a better understanding of this system of measurement.

Size: 17.42m2
Faces: East

  • Fees
  • Rent: ¥30000
  • Common Service Fee: ¥2500
  • Parking: ¥0
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Water and Town Fee (¥2500)
  • Deposit: ¥0
  • Key Money: ¥0
  • Fire Insurance: ¥14000 (2 years)

Contract Length: 2 years
Renewal Fee: ¥0
Features: IH cooking top, air-conditioning, washing machine, fiber-optic lines, bicycle parking, intercom, balcony
Other Information: There is no available vehicle parking. Bicycle parking only.

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