Diamond Palace Twin Court (Onojo City, Onojo)

Property Name: Diamond Palace Twin Court
Property Location: Onojo City, Onojo
Property Type: Condominium (Mansion)
Zoned: --
Floor Plan: 3LDK
Property Size: 65.52m2
Asking Price: ¥14900000
Building Height: 14 Story
Occupying Level: 12th Floor
Year Built: 1996
Construction: Steel Reinforced Concrete (SRC)
Property Rights: Ownership
Balcony: 14.68m2
Floor Layout*: Tatami Room: 6; Room: 6; Room: 5.3; LDK: 12.6

* Tatami mats are a common form of measurement used when describing the size of a room in Japan. This does not mean that these rooms have tatami flooring unless specified in the description. Check out our guide elsewhere on this site for a better understanding of this system of measurement.

Common Area Fee: ¥7860/month
Repair Reserve: ¥10400/month
Total Units: 50
Current Status: Occupied
Management Type: Commissioned Management Company
Transfer Rights: --
Elementary School District: Shimoori Elementary School
Junior High School District: Ori Junior High School
Facilities: City gas, indoor washing machine hookup, elevators, automatic locks, intercom with video display
Additional Information: Sunny interior with patrolling staff.
Other Notes:
Listing Type: Open

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