Just Walking


Camera in hand, I set off on a walk to see what I could find the other day. The two main destinations: Kasuga Park and the Ruins of Mizuki. I’ve been through Kasuga Park a number of times. I had never been off the sidewalk at the Ruins of Mizuki before; so, I thought I’d take a look around.

If you’re considering living in the Onojo, Kasuga, Dazaifu or Chikushino areas, you’re in for a treat. These communities have managed to retain a natural ambiance despite the growth in population over the years. Now that we’re nearly into October, the weather is cooling down a bit and allows for great walks and bike rides through the area.

I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination; nor, do I have the equipment of one. However, I’d like to share some of the photos I took so that you might get a feel for what can be found here. Foreigners to Japan often have an idea that Japan is concrete from one end to the other with Mount Fuji mysteriously poking up through the middle. These pictures attempt to convey the greener side of some average neighborhoods.



Just before reaching Kasuga Park, I stopped to take a photo of the Ushikubi River. The water line was fairly low that day, and you could see a lot of vegetation and rock formations that are often hidden.



Kasuga Park is huge! This is the typical photo you’ll see when researching the park online. The ones below are a little different. This is what you will see if you leave the main trail that circles through the park.


After leaving Kasuga Park, I walked to the Ruins of Mizuki. As it turns out, these aren’t really ruins at all. There is an earthen mound that is the remnant of a defensive position from times long past. My understanding is that this was meant to help protect the Dazaifu region from potential attack.

The area is beautiful, however, and is a shining example of just how beautiful this part of Japan can be.


If you’re in the area, I encourage you to get out and take a walk around. Everyone knows that places like Dazaifu Tenman-gu are amazing. Not everyone knows that natural beauty can be found around virtually every corner of the Onojo, Kasuga, Dazaifu and Chikushino area. Every day can be an adventure. Enjoy!