We’re just getting started!

Welcome to the new English version of our site! As you can tell, we’re just getting started with it. We promise you a lot of added information in coming months. Feel free to jump in and recommend ideas and topics for future updates. Our goal is to make this an active community and resource for our current international clients as well as those considering relocating to the Onojo, Kasuga, Dazaifu and Chikushino areas of Kyushu.

With the majority of the kids back in school, the evenings cooling down a bit, and the sounds of summer fading, we’re making a concentrated effort to pull together useful information and incorporate them into guides to be found on this site. We’re not limiting this information to real estate and rental information as you might expect. We want to provide as much information as possible about the community and Japan so that our customers from abroad can truly enjoy the experience of living in the best part of Japan.

So, speak up and let us know what you think! We’ve set up a new address specifically for folks wanting to communicate in English. E-mail en@c21-ogswr.com. Of course, you can utilize the “Contact Us” section of the site as well.

Thanks for visiting the site!

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