You have picked an amazing place to call home! Whether you are settling in Kyushu permanently, or staying here temporarily as a student or for work, we’re confident that you’ll find something to your liking in the Onojo, Kasuga, Dazaifu and Chikushino areas.

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Onojo has been growing steadily, recently claiming more than 100,000 residents for the first time, and shows no sign of slowing down. One of Kyushu’s best kept secrets is out, and we’d love to show you around.

Onojo fits the very definition of convenience. It’s no coincidence that our main office is located here. JR and Nishitetsu, each, maintain two rail stations in Onojo. This grants residents direct access to the two main transportation lines in Kyushu. Onojo also has easy access to the expressway and the Fukuoka International Airport. That means that should you decide to make Onojo your new home, you are directly connected to anywhere you want to go.

Do you have a family, and are considering relocating to the Onojo area? Despite its exciting growth, Onojo enjoys a community oriented atmosphere that boasts fantastic schools, great neighborhoods, multiple parks and community centers, as well as historically significant landmarks and all of the culture that goes with them.

Amenities, also, abound throughout the Onojo area. Aeon has multiple shopping options available. Each of the major convenience store chains has locations in strategic locations. If you’re new to Japan, you’ll be interested to know that you can accomplish a variety of tasks at convenience stores that would normally result in a day’s worth of running around in many other countries. Convenience stores here offer postal services, bill payments for just about every possible utility and service you can think of, access to concert and event tickets, and a multitude of other services that warrant an article of their own elsewhere on this site.

We also have some amazing restaurants in Onojo providing a variety of options to suit any taste. As a service to our customers, we often spotlight local restaurants in our newsletter, blog, and social outlets. After all, we call Onojo home and love to share!

Come on by, or drop us a line if you’d like any information about Onojo real estate and what the area has to offer. Also, keep an eye on this website as we will regularly add information regarding Onojo and the surrounding communities.

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Kasuga lies Northwest of Onojo City. There is no obvious separation between the two. Walking through various neighborhoods, property pin markings are the only real indicator that you’ve left Onojo and are now in Kasuga.

That said, Kasuga has a lot of fun things to do and, like Onojo, is a very convenient place to live. The JR Kagoshima Main Line and the Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line both run through the Eastern portion of Kasuga. Both rail lines have a stop for convenient travel. On the Western side of Kasuga, the JR Hakata Minami Line comes to an end at the Hakataminami Station. Bus lines are available, as well.

Kasuga Park is a great place to get some exercise and enjoy some outdoor time with the family. Covering a huge amount of ground for a city park, there are facilities for a variety of sports as well as a walking/running trail that is extremely well marked and maintained. You can see some photos of Kasuga Park on our blog.

Although Kasuga did not become a city until April of 1972, the region has a proud and lengthy heritage. Historical evidence within Kasuga relays information regarding peoples in the area more than 10,000 years ago in the Paleolithic Era. There is a great chronological time line of the region that has been put together on the Kasuga City Web site. We’ll be writing more about the historical significance of Kasuga and the surrounding areas on our Web site. If you’re in the area, I encourage you to explore the many cultural spots throughout the region.

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